Here, I will keep track of all the things I have done each day in Fiji! Here goes:

Day 1

We woke up nice and early today, full of excitement. I put on a T-shirt under my top so I could wear it when I got to Fiji. I did some final packing and loaded all our luggage into the car. Altogether, we had 3 suitcases. One for myself, one for my brother, Judd, and one for my mum and dad. We finally left home at 11am, and we picked up our grandparents along the way, as they would drive the van back home. Once we arrived at the airport, we had lunch at McDonalds. Then we said goodbye to our grandparents. After lunch, we cruised around the shops at the airport. At Whitcoulls, I bought the book Eragon to keep me busy during the plane flight and Judd got a puzzle book. Once we had gotten bored of the shops, we all went to the Air New Zealand Koru Club lounge. This is a place filled with couches and tables with free food and drink which you help yourself with. So, we helped ourselves to some snacks and a drink and I started reading Eragon. At last, at about 3pm, we boarded the plane. On the plane, we then waited for an extremely long time and at last, at 4pm, the plane took off. While on the plane, we got to have a meal. The choices were: Chicken or lamb. Both came with water and ice-cream. I chose to have the lamb meat with apple juice. To my surprise, my ice-cream was hokey pokey flavoured, while Judd's was chocolate flavoured. Once I finished, I continued reading Eragon. Unfortunately, as we neared the end of our flight, we discovered that the plane was running very late. Almost one hour late, to be precise! The plane was supposed to arrive at Nadi at 6:45pm, but instead, the plane arrived at Fiji at 7:40pm! As soon as we stepped out of the plane, a blast of hot air greeted us. We went through the customs and collected our luggage. Once outside, we took a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel was on Denarau Island, and was called Radisson. In Fiji, there are no traffic lights and you don't have to wear seatbelts! By the time we got there, it was already past 8pm. After we had checked-in at the reception, we went to our hotel room (which was numbered 110) and unpacked. That night, while lying on the sofa-bed after a long and tiring day, I slept with a thought going around and around my head; We are in Fiji!

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external image 51GP26BVB8L.jpg < My book!

Day 2

We woke up early again today, despite the late bedtime last night. We got dressed, and went to the resterraunt to have breakfast. When we got there, we found a buffet waiting for us. After breakfast, dad, Judd and I got changed into our togs and went to check out the swimming pool. There was 3 swimming pools; One for the adults, one for everyone, and another waterslide pool. The pools were very nice, as the floor was made of a nice creamy coloured concrete with small pebbles in it. The normal pool was connected to the waterslide pool with a bridge on top. The waterslide was awesome! To get to the waterslide, you climb out of the waterslide pool and you climb these big stone stairs until you reach a stone platform. The waterslide entrance is to one side of the platform. After a lot of twists and turns, you end up with a huge splash in the waterslide pool again. Judd was nervous at first, but after a few tries, he loved it! We must have gone down that waterslide at least 7 times! At last, reluctant to get up, we left the swimming pool. Once changed back into mufti, we found a bus called the Bula Bus that goes around Denarau Island and stops at hotels and popular destinations (supermarkets and the marina). So, we got onto the bus. There is two rows of seats facing the side, both back to back. Eventually, the bus stopped at a huge supermarket. We got off a bus and went into a grocery shop called Yee's xpress mart. In there, we bought some food that we would be able to prepare ourselves (eg. 2-minute noodles, etc). Then, we got back onto the Bula Bus and headed home for lunch. For lunch, mum made us some chicken nuggets and some fish fingers from the food we bought this morning. We also had some porridge. After lunch, mum and dad both had a nap while I read Eragon and Judd sat, feeling very bored. Finally, at about 4pm, dad, Judd, and I went to the beach and made sandcastles. We then had another swim in the pool. This time, mum joined us and she went down the waterslide as well. It was awesome! Once we had finished swimming, we changed back into our clothes and had some ice-cream to refresh ourselves, and soon it was dinner. We went to the resteraunt, but we didn't have a buffet. Instead, we ordered our dinner. I ordered a ham and pineapple pizza, and Judd ordered somd fish and chips. Once we had all finished our delicious meal, we went for a walk around. The torches placed around the resort illuminated our path. When we went back to our hotel room, we started playing Monopoly. It was a pretty good game, but we did not finish it. We left it there, and were planning to carry on with the game tomorrow. Good night for now!

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IMG_0408.JPG < Our unfinished Monopoly game

Day 3

Breakfast today was quite nice; mum made us some milk with bacon and egg on toast. Next, Judd and I put on our rollerblades and we explored part of Denarau Island. Once we came back from our walk, we were so hot and sticky that we dicided that after we had had some ice-cream, we would all go and jump in the pool for a swim! Unfortunately, my arm got scratched when I wqas coming down the waterslide because someone was standing up in the mddle of it! So, after some fun in the water, we got up to hav elunch. For lunch, mum cooked us some nice noodles from the 2-minute noodles we bought yesterday. After lunch, we all went our seperate ways. Dad went to the beach to have a nap, mum went to her room to sleep and Jud and I were left to do whatever we wanted. I started reading Eragon, and occasionally playing a short game with Judd. For dinner, we went to the Radisson resteraunt. This time, I had pasta with cheese sause with pink lemonade. Sadly, I couldn't finish the pasta, enen though it was delicious. When we got back to our hotel room, we continued playing Monopoly. In the end, dad became bankrupt, and the me, making Judd the winner.

Day 4

Today's breakfast was similar to yesterday's, except without the bacon. Once we had finished, we laced up our shoes and headed towards the reception. We were going to book a cruise tomorrow. But, it will depend on the weather tomorrow. Next, we took the Bula bus to the shops where we cuised around. We didn't end up buying much, apart from some ice blocks, four muffins, some bread, and some other food. After we got back to our hotel, we changed into our togs and went swimming! Plus, we ordered a drink from the underwater bar (a bar joined to the main resteraunt with a marble table seperating it from the water with the seats coming up from the bottom of the pool). When we had had enough fo the swimming pool, we moved on to the beach. Then, since we had our togs on, we played in the sea. Today's lunch was quite nice; we got burger buns and mum made some egg and bacon and cucumber. Also, she made some nice soup. After lunch, I finished Eragon and I played a quick game of Monopoly with Judd. The Monopoly took up all the time until dinner time. We packed it up and helped set up the table. This time, mum cooked us some pasta and spaghetti. We had some really nice passionfruit cheesecake to finish off the day.

Day 5

As we opened the curtains to a bright sun and a clear sky, we knew that today was going to be a cruise day. After we had a buffet breakfast, we changed into our togs and rode to the marina on a bus. Once we had boardeed the ferry, we travelled for 25 minutes until reaching the South Sea Island. At 10am, we got into a submarine and went out into the sea. It was amazing, and we took some photos, but you really had to be there! After the submarine trip, we went back to the island, got our snorkelling gear and went back out into the sea. We(dad and I) saw some fish, but not as much as we would have liked to. For lunch, we had a mini buffet; the bread was really nice if eaten with butter. Judd ate 9 of them! Once our food was a little digested, we hired a pair of mask and snorkel and fins and started reaching Judd how to snorkel. In the end, he finally got the hang of it. But, we didn't end up seeing much fish anyway. Once back at the island, Dad, Judd, and I jumped into the pool. The pool is not very big, so we ended up doing a lot of cannonballs since it was so deep. Soon, it was time for afternoon tea. We found some cookies and some coffee waiting for us, but I only took some biscuits. After we had lazed on the beach for a little while, we boarded the ferry again and headed home. It was 7pm when we arrived back at Radisson. We had our dinner at the resteraunt as a buffet, and the chocolate fountain was quite interesting! We all left the resteraunt feeling satisfied and full. It looks like each day will just keep on getting better and better!

Day 6

After a long and tiring day yesterday, we woke up to the pitter patter sound of the rain. Once we had gotten dressed, mum made us some milk, bacon and egg. After breakfast, we went exploring and found a place called Harmony Retreat. This is where you can get a massage or get your hair braided. So, we booked a surprise massage for mum and some hair-braiding for me. Then, once we had gotten back to the hotel room, Dad, Judd and I started playing Monopoly. This time, luck was on dad's side and he won. For lunch, we had 2-minute noodles. Once I had finished, I grabbed Eragon and headed towards Harmony Retreat for my hair-braiding. The braids took almost 2 hours, as I was getting braids for my whole head. I chose the bead solours as pink and white because whose colours suited most of my clothes. Mym did not want a massage, as she thought it was too expensive. So, we had to cancel her massage. While I had my braids done, the others were shopping around Denarau Island. Mum went into a bookshop, and told Dad and Judd that she'll wait at the resort Sheraton, but instead, she was waiting at the cafe outside Sheraton. This is why dad couldn't find her, and they were in a bad mood once back at the hotel. Then, mum and dad went shopping and Judd and I stayed at the hotel room, watching TV. Once they were back, Dad, Judd, and I played Monop[oly, with me as the banker. Dad was going to win, but in the end, he swapped places with Judd because he wanted to, which was very kind of his. Dinner was nice; porridge, bread with butter, egg and tomato, and many more. This was delicious.

Day 7

We started the day off with some nice breakfast made by mum. She made us some milk, bacon and egg. After we had finished, Dad, Judd, and I changed into our swimming togs and went for a swim in the pool while mum read her magazine on the shore. We had a lot of fun, and then we went back to our hotel room and showered and chaged, and mum prepared lunch. For lunch, we had 2-minute noodles again. After lunch, we had an absoulutely delicious mango, as well as some ice-cream. Then, mum and dad went to sleep while Judd and I played Monopoly. In the end, it was a draw. Then, when dad woke up, Dad, Judd and I went to the beach. There, we made sandcastles, chased the waves, etc. When our last castle was destroyed by the waves, we headed back to our hotel room. After we got changed, mum had finished preparing dinner. Judd and I had fish fingers and chicken nuggets, and pasta for mum and dad. Next, we went for a walk and to look for Judd's missing cap. Once we got back, we all had a delicious slice of passionfruit cheesecake. Then, dad versed Judd in a game of Monopoly. This ended as a draw as well.

Day 8

We woke up fairly late today, considering we had to go on a cruise. We were in a big hurry. Mum hurriedly cooked us some milk, and we gulped down some crackers. Then, we rushed onto the South Sea Cruise Bus. We arrived at Port Denarau, and dad bought us a pack of cards to play on the ship. Once we were on the ship, we played cards until we reached Mana Island. As soon as we got there, we collected some snorkelling ear for Dad, Judd, and I and we went snorkelling. This time, we saw millions and millions of fish! Time flew past us, and very soon, we had to get up, otherwise we would miss out on lunch. Lunch was very nice - a buffet. Once we were nice and full, we went back to the 'South Beach'. Mum and Dad went snorkelling (with Mum using my snorkelling gear) while Judd and I played on the sand. This lasted until Mum and Dad came back from snorkelling. Dad said Mum's skills were nowhere near as good as Judd and I, and she was as stiff as a piece of driftwood! Next, Judd and I continued to play on the sand while mum and dad got changed. Soon, it was time to board the ferry. On the dock, somebody fell off and into the water! They climbed into a nearby boat and got back onto the dock, dripping wet. On the boat, we played cards, and Dad taught us how to play Blackjack. when the ferry finally reached Port Denarau, it was 6pm. We watched a firedance, and then took a taxi back to Radisson. There, we had noodles for dinner, and I was the banker for a game of Monopoly between Dad and Judd. Judd won by miles! Then, after we finished the last slices of cheesecake, we went to bed.

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