Here is the Reading contract:

Myths and Legends:

Over the next five weeks you are to read as many Myths and Legends as possible, using your SSR and home reading time.
(Minimum - 5)
You must fill in the details of your reading in the reading log.
You will meet once a week with your reading group to discuss and share one of the myths or legends that you have read.
You will also be required to complete a different activity for each story read. Choose an activity from the list.
Complete each activity on a separate sheet of A4 paper.
These sheets must be put together to make a booklet.
The booklet must have an illustrated cover.
Include a table of contents, detailing the titles of myths and legends read, the author and the activity number.

Activity 1:
Using a table, identify the orientation, the problem/s and resolution/s. Outline the moral or lesson in the story.

Activity 2:
Select a part of the story that appeals to your imagination and write a poem about it.

Activity 3:
Draw a time line that shows at least 8 important events in the story. Explain and illustrate each.

Activity 4:
Create a Vocabulary bank of words from the story that are not English words. Match each word with its English translation.

Activity 5:
Write a song that reflects the plot of the myth or legend.
You can use tune. Include the name of the tune.
OR find a song that relates to your story. Provide the lyrics of the song and then write an explanation of how they relate.

Activity 6:
You are the Illustrative Engineer. Choose one scene from your story and illustrate it. Think about things such as characters, setting, problem, an exciting part, a surprise or a prediction.

Activity 7:
Change the ending of the story.

Activity 8:
Write an interview with one of the characters in the story. Include at least 10 questions and answers.

Activity 9:
Do a collage of a major theme or character in your story and explain in a well-written paragraph what you are depicting in your collage.

Activity 10:
Create a PowerPoint presentation of your story. Print out the slides to include in your booklet.

Activity 11:
Create a series of original art in any medium (4 pieces) about the story. You can divide your page into 4 and explore a different medium in each section.

Activity 12:
Become one of the characters in the story and describe your experiences during a certain event. Write in the FIRST PERSON (using ā€˜Iā€™) and remember to use as many senses as possible in your description.

Activity 13:
Make a cartoon of the story. (At least 8 panels in full colour with text) This can be produced on the computer.

Activity 14:
Get two different colour pens. Choose a page/paragraph from the story that you particularly liked. Begin to write the first sentence from the page or paragraph in one colour. Then add a sentence of your own in the other colour. The go back and write the next sentence from the page or paragraph. Continue alternating until you have used all the sentences on the page or in the paragraph.

Activity 15:
Pick two characters from two different stories. Describe a meeting between them ( where, when and how it would take place). Write 20 lines of dialogue between them.

Reading Log:

Activity number I have decided to do for this myth:
Maui and the Giant Fish
How Maui Brought Fire to the world
How the Kiwi lost its Wings
Rona and the Moon
By Annie Rae Te Ake Ake
How Maui Slowed the Sun
Retold by Dame Kiri Tekanawa

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