Everytime I get an award or I have achieved something, I will write the date and post it on here.

Australasian Exams:

Year 4:
Writing: Credit

Year 5:
Maths: Distinction
English: Distinction
Science: Distinction

Year 6:
Maths: High Distinction
English: High Distinction
Science: High Distinction

Year 7:
Maths: Distinction
English: Distinction
Science: High Distinction: 39/40!!! So Close!!!

3 December 2007

Maths Olympiad Problem Solving

Here is the certificate I got:

Here is the logo I got. Anybody who are in the top 25% gets this.

Here is the badge I got. Anybody who is in the top 10% gets this.


26/2/08 - I am successfully in the Art Extension Group!

11/4/08 - I haven't updated for a while, but so far, I am in the choir, Sing Up, and the Orchestra. Also, recently, I have competed in the Buskfest. My friends and I put together a 25 minute show and busked. Unfortunately, we didn't come in the first 3 places, but we all enjoyed ourselves.