The IPod

The iPod is the all new way of listening to music. This cool gadget has a whopping 160GB of storage! This means up to 40,000 songs, or up to 200 hours of video! With an iPod, you’re bound to be entertained, with music, movies, games, photos and much more!

The iPod all started when the Apple Company found existing digital music players “big and clunky, or small and useless”.
The iPod went through many stages to get through where it is now, and each stage is called a ‘generation’. The first iPod released was the iPod classic. This iPod went through 6 generations before they produced the iPod mini. This version of the iPod was even smaller than the iPod classic, and the iPod mini went through 2 generations before Apple released the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano was even thinner than the iPod mini, and the iPod Nano went through 3 generations. On the 3rd generation, however, the iPod Nano was wider than its previous generations. After the iPod

Nano came the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle did not have a screen, with only the click wheel. The second generation of the iPod shuffle was made even smaller than the first one, before the iPod touch came out, which is the latest one now. This iPod has a safari browser and has wireless access to the iTunes store and YouTube. The iPod has also gone through 2 different types of earphones. The first earphones were released along with the iPod classic, although they later changed it after some people complained that the earphones were too big. So, they started shipping the new earphones along with the 4th generation of the iPod classic.