Here are all the things I have done during 2007!

In Term 3, I have been working on a school project for 5 weeks. It is on Human Rights, and I was working with Jorraine, Cheyenne, and Lucy. Click here if you would like to visit it!

In the September holidays, I have been on a vacation to Fiji. I stayed on Denarau Island. This island consists of 7 resorts, and the one I stayed in was called Radisson. Click here to read a diary of my visits!

In term 4, I am doing a school project on visual arts. Click here to go and take a look.

For Maths, I am currently designing and making a board game. I am working in a group with Helen, Jenny and Cindy. Click here to take a look at the wiki we are using to record all our information.

Our class is also studying about myths and legends. We are doing a reading contract on them. Click here to view what I have done!

Our class is writing a pourquoi. Click here to view what my group has done. It is also on a wiki so that we can edit it at home as well as in school.

Room 5 have all of our Home Study up on a wiki! Click here to check it out!

Our class is studying about poetry. Click here to view all the things I have done about poetry!